R.Jenkins, Living In Art

With an overly imaginative mind, how does a creative and artistic individual value perception? Indifferences of color, shape, placement and balance configure my perception. All objects in my sights have an artistic value that is separated equally. "Living In Art" is a perceived value that consists of an explicitly creative nature, positive in thought, beautiful in imagery, and signature in visualization.

The value of perception is key to determining an opinion. Clarity through the artistic lens of life provides a means to expressively think outside of the box, allowing original creativity to flourish.

Every moment of life is an artistic moment to view as your own. Every vision is a culmination of something tangibly surreal, exclusive to your perception. What you are seeing, feeling, touching and surrounded by contains art in some inadvertent form. Only you can determine how you see, what you see and even what you don't see however, in everything that is everything, art is within, around, under, over and down.

"Living InArt" traditionally speaks to those who recognize the beauty of perception and the fact that each individual has one of their own.

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